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Terms and Conditions of Hire



  1. The hirer shall take care of the equipment and use the equipment only in the manner for which it is was intended.


  1. All prices quoted in the price list are for one days hire.


  1. The hiring shall commence and terminate on the dates and times specified on the order and invoice.


  1. The customer shall pay in cash or as arranged on receipt of the goods at the commencement of the period of hire.


  1. All equipment is to be returned cleaned, rinsed and dried, otherwise additional charges will apply.


  1. Special arrangements for equipment to be returned unclean can be provided at an added charge.


  1. A deposit is payable on delivery of the goods. It will be refunded once the goods have been verified as in good order upon receipt.


  1. The hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment.


  1. The hirer shall indemnify the owner from any damage, liability, loss or expense suffered, arising directly or indirectly from hiring the equipment.


  1. The owner will replace any equipment which malfunctions.